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Chase P. Ross

Financial Economics Ph.D. Candidate
Yale University

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in Financial Economics at the Yale School of Management. My research interests lie in macrofinance, asset pricing, and financial intermediation. I also work with the Yale Program on Financial Stability.

Previously, I was an economist at Morgan Stanley and an intern at the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers. As an undergraduate, I studied economics at Yale.

Working Papers

Safe Asset Migration [Abstract] [PDF] [SSRN]

Capital in the Financial Crisis [Abstract]
with Timothy F. Geithner and Andrew Metrick

Cash Hedged Stock Returns [Abstract]
with Landon J. Ross and Sharon Y. Ross

Published Work

Who Ran on Repo? [Abstract] [PDF] [SSRN]
with Gary B. Gorton and Andrew Metrick, forthcoming in AEA Papers and Proceedings

Other Writing

The FHLBs During the Coronavirus Crisis [Link] [PDF]
March 24, 2020, Yale Program on Financial Stability

Flight from Maturity During the Coronavirus Crisis [Link] [PDF]
with Sharon Y. Ross, Gary B. Gorton, and Andrew Metrick
March 26, 2020, Yale Program on Financial Stability